Adapting 20th Century Facilities to Meet 21st Century Needs

While a number of properties and facilities have played a truly important role in serving the needs of Montreal's English-speaking Catholic community, the reality is that some are now in serious need of updating to bring them up to today's standards of functionality, accessibility and comfort. Moreover, as the nature and requirements of the community have continued to evolve, so to must the environments in which programs and services are developed and provided if they are to be able to continue to effectively meet the needs of those depending on them.

THE CATHOLIC CENTRE: Heart, Hub and Hallmark of the Community

Situated on the corner of St. Marc Street and de Maisonneuve Boulevard in downtown Montreal, the Catholic Centre is a major focal point of Montreal’s Englishspeaking Catholic community. A meeting place for a variety of different groups, organizations and agencies, it is a vital organ that pumps life and vigour into the community by fuelling the synergies needed to give rise to countless programs and services aimed at enhancing the lives of community members young and old. Today, the Centre serves as home base for more than a dozen principal care and service agencies. In order to make it a more versatile and multifunctional facility able to accommodate a broader range of needs, activities and publics, the Catholic Centre must undergo a comprehensive makeover involving an extensive modernization of its installations and the reconfiguration of a number of its spaces.



Camp Kinkora is located on a picturesque lake in the Laurentians and offers a wonderful camp experience at an affordable cost. Kinkora welcomes hundreds of children year after year who would otherwise be obliged to spend their entire summer in the city. As an integral part of its program, the Camp also offers young people the opportunity to gain and develop leadership skills. In addition to offering its own programs, Camp Kinkora is available at a nominal rate for use by community-based groups. One of these provides one-week camp sessions for HIV-positive individuals. Another offers low-income families affordable one-week sessions. Yet another organizes two-week sessions for intellectually-handicapped campers.

Although Camp Kinkora has enriched the lives of thousands of individuals over more than three-quarters of a century, in order to continue to effectively fulfill and build on its mission for the next 75 years, it now needs to be updated and upgraded. It needs to add new and modify existing installations to make the facility more accessible to such users as the infirm, the handicapped and seniors. Furthermore, in order to expand its vocation and generate an invaluable revenue stream that will help sustain its operations and fuel new activities and program offerings on an ongoing basis, Kinkora has its sights set on adapting various buildings to allow for all-season use and off-season rentals.


Located on a beautiful tract of land bordering Lake Maskinongé, approximately one hour northeast of Montreal, Camp Orelda Marian has been serving the community for more than 80 years. One of the Camp’s most important functions today is as a retreat centre, providing vital formation to young couples grappling with the stresses and challenges of married and family life. These one-week retreats include morning and evening liturgy, a comprehensive marriage enrichment program, a special children’s program led by experienced youth workers, and a wide variety of recreational activities.

Because Orelda Marian is a summer site, this program is currently being offered from June to September only. However, given
the growing demand for such a resource, plans are underway to transform the Camp into an all-season facility able
to welcome people 12 months of the year. This development project will also see the construction of an extension to the
main lodge to create a new 3,000 square-foot facility to be known as the John Paul II Family Life Conference Centre.